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I've launched Hekima Safaris with a boundless passion and unwavering optimism. My ultimate aim is to assist as many individuals as possible in exploring the beauty of Tanzania and East Africa. Can't wait to meet you out there, fellow traveler! 🌍🌟

Who We Are

Our passion drives us and thus the bar of superior service is challenged with every trip catered !!

Each trip it is an honour for us to contribute to social projects for the good and growth of communities. In this way, we plan to expand more to make known our services in all destinations of Africa

We are also represented on safaribookings.com.

Our Mission

We are sure to make the visitors experience memorable and more importantly hassle free. We strive to take all the pain so that they can enjoy the time they spend on the tour. Alert: We are pretty contagious and once you visit us, you'll keep coming back

Our Vission

"Consolidate ourselves in the region as the leading Sustainable tourism company in quality service, creativity, and innovation, social responsibility promoting an ambience of good relationships, and obtaining the best client satisfaction."

Why Choose Us

Why Travel With Hekima?

When you travel with Hekima East Africa, you're in for something more than just a journey. We are a not-for-profit organization, and while we don't seek profits, we use adventure as a means to empower, support, and uplift the communities we encounter. This is the experience of a lifetime you've been searching for.

Hekima Driver Guides

The Hekima Safari Driver Guides serve as the cornerstone of a successful safari adventure. These seasoned experts take on the responsibility of traversing challenging terrains, interpreting wildlife actions, and guaranteeing the well-being of travelers. With their extensive knowledge of wildlife and local cultures, they prove to be an invaluable source of information for tourists.

Photographic Safaris

Our Team

Hekima Safari Team

Supported by a seasoned team with a profound background in the field of tourism, all sharing an adventurous spirit!

Jackson has accumulated a wealth of experience working as a Managing Director for various companies in Africa. He’s thrilled to be a part of Hekima’s enthusiastic team and is dedicated to ensuring that you have the most exceptional experience possible. Looking forward to welcoming you to Africa, fellow traveler! 🌍🌟


Marketing Manager


Andy, upon getting to know the Hekima Safaris team, didn’t hesitate to accept the opportunity to join. Rest assured, he’s committed to ensuring that you receive the latest offers and access to the very best options available.

Safiness Nisagurwe

Master Chef

Safiness Nisagurwe

Experience the Taste of Tanzanian Cuisine & Swahili Cooking Lessons with Safiness. These fun, eye-opening, and mouth-watering Swahili cooking lessons offer a unique opportunity to savor the authentic flavors of Tanzania and bring them home with you!

Richard Charles is a devoted nature enthusiast, known for his unwavering dedication to providing exceptional customer service with prompt responses and a willingness to assist at all times. My best wishes go out to all of you, and I eagerly anticipate the pleasure of meeting you in Africa! 🌍🌿


Your Google in Town


Meet Ambrosia, our logistics whiz affectionately nicknamed “Founder” because he can track down anything you need in town with ease! He’s not just a resourceful problem solver; Ambrosia can also be your go-to guide for exploring local attractions, savoring authentic local cuisine, and discovering the best local brews. 😄🍻


The Guide


Fred is your go-to tour organizer, fluent in both French and English! His passion and entertaining nature shine through as he leads you to the prime spots for animal sightings, ensuring you have an unforgettable experience.

Allow us to introduce our guide, “Bobu.” Between safaris, Bobu enjoys immersing himself in his favorite Hip-Hop tracks.

Marcus Chatila

The Cook

Marcus Chatila

Marcus has left us with cherished memories that will last a lifetime. He was not only a superb chef but also an exceptional human being. Hekima Safaris will forever hold a special place in our hearts for Marcus and his invaluable contributions to the world of tourism! 🌟🌍

Paulo Sá

Photo Tour Leader

Paulo Sá

(For Portuguese and Spanish Speaker)

Paulo Sa is a renowned travel and nature photographer who uncovered his passion for photography at an early age. He is proficient in organizing tours for both Portuguese and Spanish-speaking groups. To explore more of his remarkable work, you can visit his portfolio here

Here’s Jeko, the man of the hour! Jeko possesses a remarkable talent for managing the company’s finances with finesse. Under his expert supervision, everything is meticulously recorded, documented, and analyzed. Jeko frequently engages with other departments and plays an integral role in the daily operations of the digital business. Whenever he joins our Google meetings, you can be sure the discussion will revolve around numbers and strategies – he’s our go-to numbers and strategy guru! 😄

Introducing Richard Singo, an exceptional member of our team and a genuine master of the mountains. His unique blend of mountain guiding expertise and artistic vision ensures that each expedition becomes an exceptional and transformative journey. Prepare to see the mountains from the perspective of a truly innovative spirit, with Richard as your guide.

Introducing Gabriel, our Chief Experience Officer at Hekima! We’re committed to ensuring you have the most remarkable time, which is why we’ve recruited the most intelligent, amiable, and outstanding Chief Experience Officer available. Our mission is to guarantee that you leave with a life-altering experience when you return home.

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