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I have started Hekima Safaris with a lot of passion and optimism. My goal is to help as many people as possible to visit Tanzania and East Africa. See you out there, traveler!

Who We Are

Our passion drives us and thus the bar of superior service is challenged with every trip catered !!

Each trip it is an honour for us to contribute to social projects for the good and growth of communities. In this way, we plan to expand more to make known our services in all destinations of Africa

We are also represented on safaribookings.com.

Our Mission

We are sure to make the visitors experience memorable and more importantly hassle free. We strive to take all the pain so that they can enjoy the time they spend on the tour. Alert: We are pretty contagious and once you visit us, you'll keep coming back

Our Vission

"Consolidate ourselves in the region as the leading Sustainable tourism company in quality service, creativity, and innovation, social responsibility promoting an ambience of good relationships, and obtaining the best client satisfaction."

Why Choose Us

Why Travel With Hekima?

Travelling with Hekima East Africa means more. We are a not-for-profit for 100% but we uses adventure to empower, provide and progress the communities we visit. This is the experience of a lifetime you've been looking for


Hekima Driver Guides

Hekima Safari Driver Guides are the backbone of a successful safari experience. These experienced professionals are responsible for navigating rough terrain, interpreting wildlife behavior, and ensuring the safety of travelers. They possess a wealth of knowledge about the wildlife and local cultures, making them a valuable source of information for tourists.

Photographic Safaris

Our Team

Hekima Safari Team

Backed by an experienced team in the field of tourism with an adventurous mind! 

I have been working with different companies here in Africa as Operations Manager and I was happy to join Hekima’s enthusiast team. I will make sure you have the best possible experience. See you in Africa traveler.


Marketing Manager


Having the opportunity to get to know the Hekima Safaris team, I immediately accepted to join. I will make sure that the you will get the latest offers and the best options.

Safiness Nisagurwe

Master Chef

Safiness Nisagurwe

Taste of Tanzanian Cuisine & Swahili Cooking Lessons with Safiness. A fun, eye-opening and mouth-watering Swahili cooking lesson is a unique way to get authentic taste of Tanzania – and take it home with you!

I’m big fan of Nature, Always attentive in dealing with customers, fast responses, and eagerness to help at all times. My best wishes to you all and looking forward to seeing you in Africa


Your Google in Town


A logistics guy who will help you find anything you need in town, thus given a nickname “Founder”😂. He can also guide you to local places in town, local foods and even local beers.


The Guide


Fred is able to organize tours in French or English! Is Passionate and Entertaining he can find you the best place to spot animals.

Marcus Chatila

The Cook

Marcus Chatila

Marcus has left us with sweet memories to cherish lifelong. He was a great cook and an even better human being. Hekima Safaris will always remember him and his services towards tourism !!!

Paulo Sá

Photo Tour Leader

Paulo Sá

(For Portuguese and Spanish Speaker)

Is a leading travel and nature photographer who discovered his passion for photography early in life. He can organize Portuguese and Spanish groups. You can see more of is work here

Jeko the man himself 🙂 Jeko is adroit at navigating through the expenses of the company. Under Jeko  skillful watch, everything is always recorded, documented and analyzed. Jeko is interact frequently with other departments and participate fully in the day-to-day functioning of the business digital. .Whenever we see him in our google meeting we know it about numbers and strategy’s 🙂

Meet Richard Singo, a remarkable member of our team and a true maestro of the mountains. His ability to combine his expertise as a mountain guide with their artistic vision makes every expedition an extraordinary and trans-formative experience. So, get ready to witness the mountains through the eyes of a truly innovative soul, with Richard as your guide.

Feel The Adventure Experience With Us, Don't Hesitate To Contact Us !

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