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Human interactions with wildlife can have negative effects and alter natural behaviour. As such, putting the wellbeing of the gorillas first should be every trekker’s priority. It’s essential to understand how important it is to not damage or alter habitats, and to let the gorillas go about their business, particularly when breeding.


The gorillas must always come first
Below are some best practices to follow while in the company of gorillas.

  • Always stay at least 7m (21ft) from the gorillas
  • If they approach, retreat slowly and calmly
  • Gorillas share 98% of human DNA so are extremely susceptible to infections so don’t trek if you are ill, and turn away and cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough
  • Stay in a tight group to avoid surrounding or intimidating gorillas
  • Avoid eye contact with the gorillas as it can intimidate them and cause them to become aggressive
  • Keep your voice down
  • Do not stay more than an hour with a group of gorillas
  • Follow the lead of your guide and always do as they instruct – they are the experts in the group
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