What to Pack for an African Adventure

African Safari

What to take with me?

How to prepare yourself for your safari lifetime adventure? Here we go with some recommendations!

1. Documents

Do not forget your documents! Passport, flight tickets, travel insurance… Whatever you usually take with you, just put it all in waterproof bag in order to keep it safe in your hand luggage.


2. Money

Wallet, some pocket money, eventually your visa card. During safari you will pass some places where you may grab an additional snack or a drink. You may get some souvenirs as well. Be aware not everywhere you may pay with your visa card. US dollars are accepted but the general rule says banknotes of 50 and 100$ can be changed with better exchange rate. Except some souvenirs shops that accept only US dollar payments, it is better to pay in local currency.

passport money

3. Medicines

Take your medicines with you. If you decide to take anti-malaria tablets, keep them close. Just in case, be prepared with diarrhoea, headaches, sore throat or flu pills. Do not forget insect repellent! – not in all the seasons and areas it is necessary to use it but it is important to stay equipped.


4. Gear to beat the heat

Weather can be variable. Take your sunglasses and a sunblock (we recommend SPF 50 especially for face and SPF 30 for the rest of your body). Remember about a hat – it is good to have one that can protect your neck. Special lip balm can be useful. In case of rain you may take small umbrella (useful especially during a walk around campsite)

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5. Capture Moments

Camera and/or video are must to take. You are going to watch wildlife in Africa and it is going to be unforgettable! For sure you want to record at least a part! Taking binoculars with you may be beneficial. They can actually make a huge difference during a safari trip (try 8x for smaller budget and 10x if you want to invest more).

African wildlife photography
African wildlife photography

6. Light

A torch (flashlight) is obligatory. You can always ask for assistance, and somebody can escort you to a tent or toilet, BUT it is better to be self-sufficient 😉 Go for small LED torch which can be helpful during night time inside your tent and during walking around camps. You may use head torch in order to keep your hands free. Taking rechargeable gears is advantageous.


7. Gadgets

Take your phone, tablet or laptop. Although we recommend switching off all devices and fully enjoying the nature, the truth is, in some areas you may connect to the Internet. Do not forget to pack your equipment respective chargers and adaptor plugs. Powerbank can be usable but you can charge your gears during game driving in a safari jeep.


8. Toiletries

Pack some toiletries that you use (remember about shampoo and shower gel) and a towel. Do not forget flip-flops suitable for taking shower.


9. Sleeping Gear

For your comfort you may consider taking special bedsheet that can be put inside your sleeping bag. During camping we do provide a sleeping bag for you but you may find more cosy to sleep in your own light bedsheet (one made with silk can do fine as it is comfy and do not take much space in your luggage).

10. Apparel

Now think about cloths! During safari you will spend most time sitting in a jeep, it is good to have comfortable sandals. Take with you sneakers or trainers, they do not have to cover an ankle. During late evening hours when it gets cold, they may be useful. When it comes to clothes, go for casual ones, that makes you feel good. Pick some T-shirts that will look beautiful on your future photos! Be advised that nights may be cold. Especially if your itenary contains overnighting on a campsite near by Ngorongoro Crater. It is freezing. Take long- sleeved blouse and fleece or warm jacket. Pack both: shorts and a pair of long trousers. Bandanna (or scarf) can be handy. It is often to find a swimming pool in lodges so prepare your swimming costume. Do not forget underwear and comfy socks!

Kenya safaris

11. Luagage

How to pack it all? Take just a small bag and pack only items you need for your safari. The rest we will store. You may fit all your baggage in a jeep but it is usually more convenient to take only stuff that you need (easier to look for what you need in a smaller bag!)


11. Positivity

Finally, do not forget your patience and positive attitude. You are going to Africa. Anything can happen… For sure it is going to be a life-time adventure!

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